Sunday, March 28, 2010

Kittens, cats, and fake kittens and cats

This is my Valentine box. I wouldn't of done it in the kitten hospital if I didn't like cats so much.
These are some of Mom's cats.
This really freaked out Missy.
More kitty hospital stuff.

These are some of my favorite Lisa Frank stickers.

At art since people in Africa needed shoes we made rattle animals and painted shoes on them.

More of Mom's glass cats.

At Grandma's house she bought some popcorn and she got the kitten one just for me.

Even more of Mom's glass cats.

Missy never caught many mice especially the one called Mickey.

Even more of Mom's glass cats.

Missy never caught that many fish either.

Even a lot more of Mom's glass cats.

A Yummy Project

At school I had a project and at Sunday school they taught us how to make cookies and that's what I did.
Mom "helped" me (she did most of the work).
This is the recipe to the cookie mix.
These are the ingredients.
And I'm going to give everyone a cookie.